Friday, February 5, 2010

Too late for me! I have the muscle fever! Can't! Go! On!

Ow. Mostly just ow. And also, ow.

Yesterday, I had my second (of two) sessions with a personal trainer at my new gym. I love my new gym. It is clean and organized, the staff is friendly and helpful, and it is beautifully free of hairballs in the shower, rat traps in the bathroom and bugs in the locker room (all things my old gym had lots of). My trainer, Yesenia, was really excited to work with me. When she asked me what my goals were I said, "The New York City Marathon in 4:15." Her eyes lit up.

We spent most of the first session doing an evaluation of where I'm at fitness-wise. The second session, though... daaaaaaaaayum.

The leg strengthening exercises started out fine, but then we got to deadlifts.


It felt fine at the time. Absolutely fine. But today, my hamstrings are screaming. Actually, literally screaming. They have grown mouths and are screaming. And I refust to type what it is they are screaming at me. I'm thinking of the children.

Then, we started a killer ab workout, in the hopes that I will develop an ab. I did planks, with my arms on a balance board, and I held it for 2 minutes.

Sure, my whole body was falling victim to the Shake of Truth, but I was fiiiine!

And then we did burpees. It sounds funny. It is not. It is not funny at all. It is the stuff of nightmares.

During my third set of burpees, Yesenia said, "I know you're tired, and I know you want to quit..." I replied (through the panting), "No! I can't quit! I'm too tough to be tired!" She laughed and clapped and I cried and finished my goddam stupid burpees. And then we did more ab stuff.

Today, it kind of hurts to breathe. In a good way. Except not really.

*Note: I know this will all benefit me. And for that, I kind of love it. Even when I hate it.

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