Friday, July 9, 2010

Because it was there...

I run because not too long ago, I could barely do this at all.

I run for the joy of knowing I did better than last time, and the hope that I'll do better next time.

I run because every step I take grants me perspective.

I run because it has made me a better person. It has provided me with an outlet and focus I didn't know I was capable of. Each little goal leads to a greater accomplishment, each little failure can be overcome. It has taught me patience and determination. It has helped me balance my emotions and my actions. It has made me ask, "What are you capable of?" and while I may never fully be able to answer, I know that I will never stop asking.

I run because, sometimes, "Get out of bed and run," is the most I can ask of myself. And because sometimes, it's easy. And because I love it.


  1. Very great post Sharon. I am so glad that you started the journey of running and make it a life long endeavor. I wish you success. I run because I love chocolate and milk at 3am. lol Take care.

  2. Couldn't have said it better myself. I run for sanity. ;) Would love to add this to my "Friday Fav's" if that's okay. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sometimes, it is easy. That's the reason I'm working at the most right now. I'm struggling with regaining my fitness, and it's the hope of running strong and smooth that I keep chasing.

    I really enjoy your perspective, Sharon - you're very grounded and wise.


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