Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Correcting my Form

When I first started running with Speedy Sasquatch & crew a few weeks ago, one of the first things Josh pointed out to me was the length of my strides. He and I were pretty evenly matched. He, of course, lives up to his moniker and is of rather sasquatchian height. I am practically pocket-sized. My form looked something like this:

No bueno.

I've worked on correcting my form over the last few weeks so that it resemebles something more like this:

Much better! I could definitely feel the difference, in that I was just moving more efficiently. During my 10k race on Saturday, I was running along, doing pretty well, fairly pleased with my pace when I felt a bit of a twinge in my right hamstring. It wasn't too bad, so I powered through and finished the race with a new PR to show for it. I rested on Sunday and ran a bit on Monday and felt the twingey-ness again. Last night, at our Tuesday speed workout, the hammy was BARKING. I did our first mile repeat and felt okay, but definitely tight. By the second one, my left quad had declared mutiny and was clearly trying to undo me. I stretched after each repeat, and finished up the workout, feeling sore but fantastic.

This morning however, I feel sort of like this:

I'm hoping that a day of rest, Aleve and stretching will patch me up just fine. In the meantime, I'll just be sitting here, obviously very busy.


  1. Very cool pictures Sharon. Correct form, or your right form can be good, but I have always gone by whatever feels natural. Every one runs differently. I suppose that changing your form to something where more movement is fluent is better though. Best wishes on that and congrats on your PR. WhooooHoooo. That is always an awesome feeling for any runner.

  2. Hysterical stick figures! Nice midfoot strike. :)


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