Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And speaking of setting lofty goals...

My friend Susan is a bit of a running muse for me. She works really hard and has gotten some fantastic and inspiring PRs over the last year. So, I'm going to try something that worked for her at the Brooklyn Half-Marathon this past year.

I just signed up for the Manhattan Half-Marathon at the end of January. AND I AM GOING TO RUN IT IN UNDER 2:00:00. There. I said it. Now, I'ma DO IT!

Determination  I haz it.
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  1. First believe that you can, and then do it. i like your attitude. A lot of runners focus too much time in planning and not doing. Have a good one.

    For my half in April, I told virtually everyone I knew that I wanted to run sub-2:00:00. When my pace fell too far down because it rained and my shoes were heavy (and I chafed like no other) and I felt like poo, I remembered all those people I told and how disappointed they would be for me, and I ended up running my last mile faster than almost any other mile of the race and managed to run 1:59:19.
    Moral of the story: Tell lots of people so you can pressure yourself to work hard at the end, even when you don't want to anymore! It's easier to let yourself down than a buttload of other people. :)
    [end long comment]


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