Sunday, November 8, 2009

Training Week -- 11/2/09 - 11/08/09

11/03: Ran 6.67 mi -- trail run (8:59 pace)11/04: Ran 4.24 mi -- dreadmill (9:12 pace)11/05: Ran 2.94 mi -- Central Park. (8:34 pace??) I had planned to do hills, but I got dizzy for some reason. If my Nike+ is to be believed (which I am not entirely convinced that it is), this may be because I ran my fastest (non-mile race) mile ever during this run at 8:29. Like I said, I'm not sure if this is accurate.11/07: Ran 6.67 mi -- trails again. (8:59 pace)I had a huge red-tailed hawk watching me for a bit while I ran. I think he was cheering me on. 11/08: Ran 7.01 mi -- (9:18 pace) Ran along the Henry Hudson River Greenway for the first time ever. WHY HAVE I NEVER RUN HERE BEFORE? It's amazing! So beautiful. This is the George Washington Bridge, as seen from my run. I really wanted to run closer to 12 miles today, but I felt a little twinge in my left knee. It was just a hint of "STOP FUCKING RUNNING!" Since I have Wednesday off this week, I figured I could just rest it for a day or two, and then do my longer run on Wednesday. There is no sense in injuring myself now.

That being said, though, having a disappointing run is so, well, disappointing. I've found that there is nothing quite like a good run to just brighten your outlook on a whole day. You can outrun your bad mood, or run to a place where some stupid comment that someone made can't keep up anymore. But having a disappointing run? Man. It's such a let down. I decided to just run slowly to the subway, and take the train home. I'm not sure if the guy I sat next to moved away because of the smell of sweat or the smell of fail.

Oh well.

A little eau de failure is humbling from time to time. And in this case, it just reminded me to listen to my body.

Goal for next week? 30+miles.


  1. That's weird, I had a really disappointing run last night. I threw myself into an asthma attack somewhere between miles 2 and 3. (I was planning on 5.5-6) It's kind of put a damper on my mood and will likely stay there until I do better.

  2. Isn't it just so obnoxious? You know what I think it might be? In so many other little ways, every day, we accomplish the things we set out to do. We get out of bed, we go to work, we finish work, we go home, we do dishes, whatever. But when it comes to running, when we just blatantly DO NOT MEET our goals for the day, it feels like a little measurable failure. It's just one day, though. Here's to meeting our goals tomorrow :)

  3. Sorry to hear about your bad run. As many Great runs you will have, bad ones will surely come about. Our bodies are not machines, but you would wish they would consistently give you the results of being one. Press on! Keep Running!

  4. Thanks, Kenley. This machine is a little creaky at the moment. Gotta rest my knee :\


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