Sunday, November 15, 2009

Training Week -- 11/9/09 - 11/15/09

11/11/09 -- 4.3 miles -- 9:19 pace
11/12/09 -- 3.36 miles -- 9:24 pace
11/14/09 -- 10.00 miles -- 9:18 pace
Didn't meet the goal for the week, but it was more important to rest the ole knee.

I decided to rest Monday and Tuesday, to give my wonky knee a chance to heal from whatever was ailin' it. Lots of ice, rest and ibuprofen. On Wednesday, I got up early and went out for a trail run and was thrilled to find my knee didn't hurt at all. I felt like I could've run more, but I didn't want to push it. But push it I did as I spent the rest of the day walking all around New York City. I went with my friend, co-scotch drinker, and the life parter to whom I am not married, Lauren to the Prospect Park Zoo. We followed that with some wonderful aimless wandering about Brooklyn, and then when Lauren had to go to work, I finished my day off with hours of wandering around Manhattan, beer and seeing Jude Law in Hamlet (which I'm sure I will write about extensively at some point because it was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen).

Thursday was another easy run and Friday night I had a bikram yoga class. Then Saturday, I trudged out in the nasty, misty rain for an awesome 10 mile knee-pain-free run. I ran a bit on the track, then off to the trails, and then more on the track. The trails were so muddy that I was running past the ducks that were swimming along the trail. There is something curiously satisfying about running through mud, though. That delightful *squish squish* as you coast along, smiling to yourself, like you're breaking dozens of childhood rules. But I'm all grown-up now (sort of) and I LIKE playing in the mud.

10 mi run splits:

Mile 1 8:56
Mile 2m 9:21
Mile 3 9:07
Mile 4 9:30
Mile 5 9:40
Mile 6 9:21
Mile 7 9:28
Mile 8 8:51
Mile 9 9:21
Mile 10 8:31


  1. Yay for pain-free mud running!

  2. Yay for running in the mud and double yay for pain free running in the mud! Look at your splits, I would die for those! GAH!! One day right?

    Also please do write about Jude Law in Hamlet!!

  3. Jeez, that last split is awesome! :D And those splits were from running through MUD? That's impressive!

    Pain-free = fantastic. Wanna loan me some of that? ;)

  4. Thanks, all :)

    The trick to my awesome last split was that I ran from the trails to the nearby track, where a high school boys track team was practicing and I decided to try and keep up with them, as best I could. :)

  5. Great job for the week Sharon. Keep it up. I am hoping and praying that your knee feels better. Have you been doing the strength exercises? Just a suggestion. Have a wonderful day and ........Keep Running!

  6. Kenley, I've not started doing the exercises. ::hangs head in shame:: I will start adding squats to my workout plan tonight. Thanks for the tips. Congrats on your 5k :)


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