Sunday, November 22, 2009

Training Week -- 11/16/09 - 11/22/09

11/16/09 -- 3.26 miles @9:53
11/18/09 -- 5.68 miles @8:44
11/19/09 -- 4.10 miles @8:58
11/21/09 -- 5.88 miles @9.29
11/22/09 --11.04 miles @9:20 (!!!)

Total Miles for the week: 29.97. I'm totally rounding it up to 30 because I ran two blocks to catch a bus. So, there we are. 30 miles for the week. HUZZAH!

So, the funny thing about Wednesday's run was that while I was running in the park, I ran into the very same friend who told me that I wouldn't be able to run the marathon in 4:15. She was out running in the park as well, so I ran with Speedy McDoubterson for a bit and was able to keep up with her. I suspect she may have slowed down a bit for me, but I still managed to run that 4th mile in 8:27, which is my fastest non-one-mile-race mile to date. Take THAT!


  1. Way to go. You can do it. I like your Speedy McDoubterson. lol. Great weeks end Sharon with those 11 miles. Is your "friend" doing the same marathon too? That would be something if S M got mud butt during and you passed right on by. How ironic! Keep laughing and ..............Keep Running!

  2. Oh, Mud Butt - I hope that one is self explanatory. lol Have a good one

  3. And wouldnt you know, the word verification word was mudaming. lol.

  4. Awesome week!

    Speedy McDoubterson is totally going to be eating those words of hers soon.

  5. Kenley, she likely will be in the same marathon. She probably will finish ahead of me... but maybe not by as much as she thinks :)

  6. Well, you never know. Hang in there and keep at it Sharon. WhoooHooooooo!

  7. Awesome week Sharon! The fact that you're running "fastest mile" anythings ALREADY says a lot about how much you can and will improve by next November!


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