Sunday, November 1, 2009

The countdown begins

About five years ago, I got the crazy idea in my head that I wanted to run the NYC marathon. I went to a gym, got on a treadmill, and discovered a huge barrier between me and my goal: I couldn't run one mile. Not one. I worked hard, and got myself to a point where I could comfortably run one mile. So, then I ran two. And then a 5K race. And then, in December of 2006, there was a little incident with a 4'' stiletto and an uncovered drainage hole that resulted in 3 ruptured ligaments in my left ankle. Once I could walk without pain, I laced up my sneakers and started running again. That summer, I ran my very first half-marathon in 2:23:28. This past May, I beat that time running the Brooklyn half-marathon in 2:08:21.

I decided then and there that I had a very specific goal. I was going to run the 2010 marathon in 4:15:00 or less! I decided to share this goal with a friend of mine, who ran her best marathon in 3:43. She looked at me and said, "You won't be able to do it." Jaw, meet floor. "I won't?"

"No. You'll slow down too much in the second half. Everyone does. Try going for 4:40."

No, thank you. Also, don't poop on my goal!

Since early 2007, I've worked towards this. I've got a year of very hard work ahead of me, but I'm going to do it. 4:15. November 7, 2010. BRING. IT. ON.

I've enlisted the help of my awesome husband, Jeremy, who has promised to be the Mickey to my Rocky for the next year. Also, my friend Mark, ultrarunner, Boston Marathon qualifier, and Yankees fan has agreed to help me work on a training plan. Some other wonderful and inspiring friends are on board to offer support, wisdom, inspiration and, hopefully, foot rubs along the way.

Here we go...


  1. Go you!

    (this is bozotkutya from LJ :)

  2. You know how I feel about your goal. Heck I even get a shoutout (ps... it STILL feels cool and surreal to call myself an ultrarunner!). It's gonna be a long, hard year ahead but I have no doubt you're up to the challenge and I'll see you kick NYC's ass next November!

  3. Great Post Sharon. I decided to start from your beginning to see what your about. Seems like you have a specific goal in mind that will keep you going. My goal is to "Finish" a marathon. No time limits on myself. Just "Finish". Well have a good one and .......Keep RUnning.

    "To Endure, is the Essence of RUnning"


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