Monday, November 2, 2009

How do we know what we are capable of?

This thought entered my mind today, as I was thinking of all the work I'm going to do over the next year, in all aspects of my life.

Often, when I speak to my non-runner friends about running, they shake their heads in disbelief and say something like, "I don't know how you do it. I couldn't do it."


I wonder, how do we know what we are capable of if we do not test ourselves? When I hear people say that they can't do something, more often than not, it just means to me that they are unwilling.

The only thing that distinguishes me from my non-runner friends is the decision that I'm going to run. I'm going to run far, as hard as I can, for as long as I can, so I can achieve my goal. And then, maybe I'll run a little more.


  1. This blog is great-- BTW are you going to run the Ted Corbitt 15K? It's a nice mid-winter race...

  2. I had this fantastic breakthough a few weeks ago when I was running. I went three miles, which is where I had been stopping. But I did not stop. I just kept running. Time ticked by when I noticed I had run four miles - and then 4.5. I was SO EXCITED! It was the first time it truly occurred to me that I CAN DO THIS.

    I'm aiming for my first marathon next October, it's a week before NYC's. I put this blog in my RSS so I hope to follow you closely with it.

  3. You? You are awesome.

    And you're totally going to do this.

  4. @futurebird, Yup, I'm running it!

    @Lis B, HOORAY! Those breakthroughs are so, so exciting and I'm totally jazzed for you. I wish you many more!

    @Quinn, ::fist bump!::


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