Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well, crap

One week into this project and I'm injured.

I believe I have a bit of patellar tendonitis. According to the interwebs, that means this:

What causes Patellar Tendonitis?
Overuse is the major cause of patellar tendonitis. Activities that involve a lot of jumping or rapid change of direction are particularly stressful to the patellar ligament. Participants of basketball, volleyball, soccer, and other running related sports are particularly vulnerable to patellar tendonitis.
What are the Signs & Symptoms of Patellar Tendonitis?
The major symptom of patellar tendonitis is pain in the area just below the kneecap. Activities like walking, running and especially squatting, kneeling or jumping will cause increased pain and discomfort. Swelling is also commonly associated with patellar tendonitis.

That little twinge in my knee on Sunday hasn't gotten better. In fact, yesterday, I went to sit down and it felt, for about an eighth of a second, like my knee was going to explode. And then it totally went away. Today, it still feels twingey.

I didn't run yesterday and now I'm debating whether or not to run today. I've just taken some Ibuprofen and am sitting here with a bag of ice around my knee.



  1. I would say rest. Resting is always good when you have pain that just doesn't feel right.

    I hope your knee feels better! And I also hope you don't have tendonitis, because that would really suck.

  2. I know. Grumble grumble. Thanks for the good wishes. Grumble Grumble. I have tendonitis in both feet, but the funny thing is, since I got the new shoes I've been running in (also possible culprit: stride/gait adjusting to new shoes), my feet have been fine!

  3. Sorry to hear about your injured knee. Might I ask if you do any leg strengthening exercises? I had the same problem with my left knee a few weeks ago, and once a week, (low mileage day) I did leg presses, hamstring curls, and lunges. Now? I feel no pain, and my knee doesn't creek anymore! Good luck.

  4. Hi Kenley, thanks.

    I DON'T do strengthening exercises. This is definitely part of the problem. As disciplined as I am when it comes to getting out and running, I am terribly undisciplined with strength training or cross training.

    I have to learn to train hard AND smart.

  5. You are welcome. I think that this might help, just once or twice a week, on your light mileage day, do 3 sets of leg presses, and lunges. You will notice results almost within a couple of weeks.

  6. Sharon - there was some miscommunication... actually, it was all my fault, because of a girl. Feh. Can't find your FB message, or you. Can we re-friend?

  7. Oh man that is a bummer sharon! I hope it feels better soon!


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